Minimal Mondays: Shop your house

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I recently moved some furniture around (I do this a lot) and found that a table that used to be a bit hidden was now in a prime spot. The one problem was, it needed a little dressing up.

Sometimes this is a good excuse to go shopping but when you’re trying to have less stuff not more, this is a great time to look around your house for accessories.

I recently wrote about using art and beautiful objects on my bookshelves, so I  knew this would be a great place to find some hidden gems. This owl for instance was on top of some books and was just begging for a prime spot in my house. I swapped him off the shelf and replaced him with a beautiful vase that was sitting in a cabinet.

photo 2

I continued taking pieces from here and there and ended up with a nice little collection on my table.

In my search, I also found this cool box that wasn’t being used to house my ugly remote controls. Much better!

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photo 4

Give it a try. Move a few things around and soon your house will feel like it just went shopping for a new outfit.

Have fun!


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    4 thoughts on “Minimal Mondays: Shop your house

      1. Tina Post author

        Thanks Katie,

        I think if we never change anything in our house we stop seeing things. I find that sometimes just by moving things around or shifting them to a new room can totally change and revitalize a space.

    1. Darlene

      I always move things around while doing a deep clean. Sometimes little things like repurposing things in a different room feels like it is something new. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.

      1. Tina Post author

        I totally agree Darlene,

        Sometimes just shifting a few things around can make a whole room look totally new and fresh!


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