Minimal Mondays: Medicine Cabinet

minimal mondays: medicine cabinet -

This time of year my entire family suffers from allergies. I am constantly reaching into our closet to grab nasal sprays or allergy medicines.

This used to be a huge pain as I rummaged through one drawer that held all our different pain relievers, Band Aids, thermometers, etc. Then I realized how much easier it would be if I sorted all the medicines into two groups: adult medicines and kid medicines.

It is now so easy to find whatever I need. A kid scrapes a knee, I grab the kid bin. My husband has a headache, I grab the adult bin. No more rummaging around in the night for children’s Motrin, I know exactly where it is.

You can also sort by what kind of medicines you use a lot. One bin for cold & allergy medicines, one for pain relievers, etc. (While your sorting don’t forget to throw away any expired medications).

I promise this will lessen your headache next time you’re looking for that Advil.


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