Happy weekend

Happy weekend

I hope you all have a great weekend ahead!  I have eight basketball games to attend so I’m anticipating that I might not accomplish much.  I will be dragging my iPad along with me so I’d love to hear any suggestions you might have for music, books or recipes that I might check out.

We are in the thick of our garden remodel so hopefully I’ll be able to post pictures of our new patio later this week.  Until then, here are some favorites that have been on my radar this week!

Currently watching:


The Wonder List with Bill Weir

Currently listening:

This is an amazing performance from Alt-J and I am a huge fan of La Blogothèque.

Currently reading:

a modern way to eat


A Modern Way to Eat: 200+ Satisfying Vegetarian Recipes (That Will Make You Feel Amazing) is a beautifully photographed and delightfully lovely cookbook.

Currently coveting:

braided bracelet

this bracelet

black walnut spoon

this spoon


This scarf

Currently cooking:

tartelette noodle bowl

This noodle bowl from Tartelette

coconut sorbet

This coconut sorbet from Not Without Salt

golden beet and lentil salad

This golden beet and lentil salad from Love & Garnish



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