52 objects – No. 8

52 objects - No.8 - www.scalingbackblog.com

I love ceramics and dish ware is one of my favorite things to collect.  I have been really fortunate to accumulate a pretty sizable arrangement of Heath Ceramics and it’s all been gifted to me by friends and family.  Heath was founded in 1948 in Sausalito California and every piece of their ceramic line is still made in the original factory.  I love that each and every piece compliments and enhances each other and their spare simple lines.  My very favorite part of the line is that it is sturdy enough to tolerate my family and our rowdy ways and that I don’t have to hide it in a china cabinet.

52 objects - no 8 - www.scalingbackblog.com

52 objects - No.8 - www.scalingbackblog.com

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    Self-taught cook, photographer.  You can usually find me at a farmers market dreaming up alternative recipes for my allergy prone family.

    2 thoughts on “52 objects – No. 8

    1. Greta

      I grew up eating off of Heath. I visit the factory showroom every time I visit my parents in Sausalito. That’s a beautiful set!


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