52 objects – No. 14

52 objects - No. 14

In my vast collection of books this one is the most special.  It’s special for many reasons,  it’s a Pulitzer prize winner, it’s a first edition and it’s signed by Walker Percy.  But it’s really special because it was the start of me and my husband.  We met working in a bookstore over 18 years ago and a group of us were discussing our favorite books and I picked this one.  My husband perked right up and chimed in that it was one of his favorites too.  He says it was that statement that got him intrigued enough to learn more about me. It was the first of many conversations we had getting to know each other and we were friends for quite a while before we became more.

It was a present from me to my husband and every time I look at it I’m reminded of the days we first met, when we were so wrapped up in each other.  18 years later we still share a love of books and while our lives are much more complicated I’m so very grateful that this little book made my life as I know it possible.

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    8 thoughts on “52 objects – No. 14

    1. Kelly

      When I saw that cover, I got chills. Not a book one hears about often, but it was the senior thesis subject of my husband’s best friend. Our friend died just four short years after that, but I always think of him when I see this book. A good soul, indeed. Thank you for bringing him to mind today. I think it’s time to pull out our copy…

      1. Tina Post author

        That’s one of the amazing things about books, they have the ability to transport you to a different time and place and remind us of our own histories and stories as well. Thanks so much for reading the blog and I hope you enjoy a revisit with Ignatius!

    2. ReaderRita

      My husband and I share a similar story- except the book was Geek Love by Katherine Dunn. (and incidentally, if you liked A Confederacy of Dunces, you may appreciate Geek Love as well, if you haven’t already read it.)

      Aside from loved ones and pictures of deceased loved ones, it’s what we would grab if the house was on fire.

      (and coincidentally, my husband just wrote a book about a hot dog obsessed artist, and worried that it would be compared to ACoD because of the “hot dog connection”…I tried to soothe his fears by maintaining that more than one character could be mesmerized by encased meats- I mean, look at the amount of fictional detectives!) (and not for nothin’- no one else could be John Kennedy Toole…)

      1. Tina Post author

        Hi Rita,

        Geek love is an amazing book, one that encourages a lot of discussion. What is the name of your husbands book? There is always room in the literary world for another hot dog obsession. Thanks for taking the time to share your story!

    3. ReaderRita

      By the way- I love your blog, and I eagerly tear into each post! You completely changed my world with the notion of “overnight oats”! I cannot thank you enough.

      In my latest version, I add chia seeds, slivered toasted almonds, and dried sweet cherries (with no sugar). Then in the AM, once I zap it for a minute, I drizzle it with a little real maple syrup, and a little sea salt. It is heavenly. If I’m feeling decadent, I’ll add a little coconut manna (which I’ve just discovered), and then I lapse into a coma. Oh, I mean, get ready for my day!

      We have also made your Harvest Bowl with Cilantro Cream repeatedly and it always elicits an “Ahhhhh”.
      Thank you for your wonderfulness!

      1. Tina Post author

        That sounds delicious, I love that overnight oats are so adaptable and the only limit on variations is your imagination. I always said that I hated oatmeal but I can’t get enough of them this way and it’s so easy! I am all about easy in the morning since I’m not at my best before 9 am!

    4. ReaderRita

      It’s called “The Randy Scuffle Papers” and it’s on Amazon-
      I’ve read it approximately a zillion times (roughly), and it still makes me laugh out loud.


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