Roasted broccolini sandwich with meyer lemon relish

Happy Monday!  For those of you that don’t know,  I have another little home on the internet at Bliss and once a week I post a recipe for my friend Mrs. French.  I thought I’d start sharing my posts from Bliss here as well.  If you’ve never visited the site you should take a look around, it’s a lovely blog full of amazing photos and finds.

This sandwich features savory roasted broccolini with a spicy white bean spread, topped off with a sweet meyer lemon and fennel relish.  It’s very adaptable and all the components are delicious by themselves.  I can eat a bowl of roasted broccolini all by itself anytime but this really satisfies my craving for a big messy sandwich without weighing me down.  To make it vegan just omit the egg and if you need a gluten free option you can put all the components in a brown rice tortilla and make a wrap out of it.  Click on the link below for the full post and recipe

Roasted broccolini sandwich with meyer lemon relish

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