June 4

Grilled salmon and corn salad

grilled salmon and corn salad - www.scalingbackblog.com

I have had a really terrible few days.  Nothing big or life altering big, but annoying, aggravating and frustrating big.  We just had a new roof put on and it took us a few days to realize that in the process the roofers managed to cut some electrical wires and didn’t bother to mention it.  So yesterday I had an electrician tearing my house apart trying to figure out what they had done.  Several hours later we hadn’t made any progress and I am now the proud owner of a large hole in my kitchen ceiling.  Finally after calling the roofers and finding out that yes, indeed they did remember cutting through an old wire we managed to find the problem and get it fixed after we tore off part of the new roof.  

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May 30

Vegan carrot cake baked oatmeal

vegan baked carrot cake oatmeal - www.scalingbackblog.com

I have a birthday weekend coming up and I have to say that I’m at the age where I’m just not that into the festivities.  I would really like a little time to spend by myself in the garden planting the rest of the vegetable garden.  I find I miss spending time by myself.  Working with my husband means that we are together pretty much all the time and while it’s great to have a flexible schedule and spend time with each other I crave a little solitude once in awhile.  I miss the ability to meander.  I think you know what I mean, shopping with my husband usually entails me running in and making my purchases as quickly and efficiently as possible, no lingering.  

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May 28

52 objects – No. 15

52 objects - No.15 - www.scalingbackblog.com

Making something with your own hands is so gratifying.  I don’t knit anymore but I do miss it sometimes.  It’s one of those things that has fallen to the side as I spend more time with my photography and this blog but I do want to get back to it at some point.  This is one of the first projects that I designed myself and I was really pleased with the result.  It’s a felted bag with a knitted panel on the front and if you’ve never felted a project before it’s a blast.  You knit this really huge floppy thing that looks like it could hold a dead body and then you put it into a hot washer and out comes this lovely seamless little bag that looks like it was custom made.

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May 26

A stolen weekend

a stolen weekend - www.scalingbackblog.com

It’s nice to find time alone with your spouse occasionally and reconnect.  Our day to day lives are so centered around our son and our business that it’s easy to lose sight of each other.  Me and my husband were fortunate enough to get out of town on our own for our anniversary weekend.  We spent three days hiking and exploring Bend, Oregon and had a wonderful time.  We got to see one of my favorite bands,  The National Friday night and ran into some dear friends.  My husband would move there tomorrow if he could convince our son to relocate.  

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May 22

Super vegan bowl with parsley cashew pesto

Super vegan bowl with parsley cashew pesto - www.scalingbackblog.com

I have been eating terribly lately.  I don’t know if it’s my age or just that I’ve fallen into some bad habits but my weight has really been creeping up in the last year.  I hate to admit it but I think my metabolism is starting to go into the toilet.  I’m going to be 44 next week and this is the first year that my age is starting to bother me.  I feel like my body is starting to fail me.  In the last year I’ve had to start dying my hair, get glasses and gained 10 pounds.  That isn’t even mentioning the pre-menopausal systems that have plagued me.

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May 16

Almond joy energy bites

almond joy energy bites - these vegan energy bites are the perfect post workout snack! - www.scalingbackblog.com

Having a little something to snack on when the urge hits can really help you stay on track when you are trying to eat healthier.  I am the first to admit that I get tempted by the chips and cookies hiding in my pantry when I get stressed or bored.  I’ve found that it really helps to keep a little stash of these energy bites in my refrigerator for an afternoon or post-workout snack.  They couldn’t be easier to make and you can keep them in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.  And unlike the candy bar they are inspired by they are vegan and contain no added sugars or preservatives so there is no guilt involved!  

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May 15

52 objects – No. 14

52 objects - No. 14

In my vast collection of books this one is the most special.  It’s special for many reasons,  it’s a Pulitzer prize winner, it’s a first edition and it’s signed by Walker Percy.  But it’s really special because it was the start of me and my husband.  We met working in a bookstore over 18 years ago and a group of us were discussing our favorite books and I picked this one.  My husband perked right up and chimed in that it was one of his favorites too.  He says it was that statement that got him intrigued enough to learn more about me.

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May 13

Roasted chicken in coconut milk

roasted chicken in coconut milk - www.scalingbackblog.com

Roasting a chicken has never been my strong suit.  I’ve always felt they were a little rubbery, dried out or flavorless when I tried to make one.  I’ve made a lot of roasted chickens, I’ve air chilled the chickens for 24 hours before roasting them, slathered butter underneath the skin, cooked them in a covered pot and they all turned out okay but I’ve always felt that all that effort really didn’t pay off in the end.  I recently discovered the easiest and best method for roasting a chicken ever.  The only catch like most things in life is that it takes time.  

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May 9

Citrus, carrot, ginger juice

citrus, carrot ginger juice - www.scalingbackblog.com

I spent five hours in my car yesterday chauffeuring my son and a group of pre-teens around the city.  When I wasn’t driving, I was sitting in a parking lot.  I don’t mind really but there are days when I ask myself how much longer do I have to dedicate most of my free time to taking care of others?  I know I only have a few more years when my son will need me and I’m happy to do things that give him pleasure but sometimes I wish I had more time for myself to do the things that make me happy.  

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May 7

52 objects – No. 13

52 objects - No. 13 - www.scalingbackblog.com

Here we are at lucky number 13!  I don’t have any great story about this one, it’s just something that I love.  It’s actually a candle but the nice thing is that once it’s been used you can store little bits and pieces in it.  I think it’s becoming pretty obvious that I have a soft spot for ceramics that feature animals, I just can’t get enough!  Do you have something that you like to collect or find yourself gravitating towards over and over again?

52 objects - No. 13 - www.scalingbackblog.com

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